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About Information Security Professional Associates (iSPA)

Information Security Professional Associates (iSPA) is a not-for-profit organization. It was set-up to spread information security awareness by creating an environment where security enthusiasts from all over Sri Lanka and the World to share knowledge, experience and viewpoints whilst promoting its members for the improvement and development of their professional capabilities relating to the information systems security, control and governance. Membership in the Association is based upon one having primary interest and active involvement in information systems security, control or governance in the private or public sector.

iSPA is an organization for individuals rather than companies. Because of this we can maintain a truly unbiased view of security in Sri Lanka. Our membership ranges from company CEOs through to highly skilled technical security specialists and consequently the subjects discussed at our meetings are extremely varied. iSPA's success as a group is largely based on the less tangible benefits of being a member of a body of professionals. Those who join in effect get instant access to a network of professionals who are all interested in contributing to the betterment of security in Sri Lanka. We hold social functions to encourage less formal networking and provide an excellent forum for a variety of ideas to take shape.

iSPA is a constantly evolving and ambitious organization, so we are always interested to speak with people who have thoughts on how we can improve and have more impact.